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Lesson Plans

Week of 8/10/17-8/11/17

Thursday-Introductions- interview and introduce your partner

Friday-Introductions continued, classroom procedures, syllabus, and academic honesty agreements

Week of 8/14/17-8/18/17

Objectives: HS-LS1-3

Monday-Syllabus, notebook organization, 

Tuesday-What is Science? notes

Wednesday-What is Science? notes

Thursday-Plague in Arizona project

Friday-Plague in Arizona project (emergency drill day)

Week of 8/21/17-8/25/17

Monday- Solar Eclipse, Google Classroom

Tuesday- Scientific Terminology-root words, prefixes, suffixes

Wednesday-Scientific Terminology, flashcards, quiz

Thursday-Safety Lab

Friday- Safety Lab and discussion

Week of 8/28/17- 9/1/17

Monday- Lab Safety Quiz

Tuesday/ Wednesday-Scientific Method Worksheets

    (Honors-Student Designed Experiments)

Thursday/Friday-”Can You Write A Clear and Concise Lab Procedure?”

Week of 9/5/17- 9/8/17

Tuesday- Text Review

     (Honors-presentation/discussion of student designed experiments)

Wednesday- Exam

Thursday- Exam follow-up (discuss)

Friday-Virtual Microscope 

Week of 9/11/17-9/15/17

Monday-Protist videos/Key for identification of freshwater organisms

Tuesday/Wednesday- freshwater organisms under microscope (lab)

Thursday- Discuss/id sketches of organisms observed under microscopes

Friday-Start Graphing Review

Week of 9/18/17-9/22/17

Monday & Tuesday-Graphing

Wednesday-Graphing Quiz

Thursday & Friday- Review Metric & English/Metric Conversions

Week of 9/25/17-9/29/17

Monday-Professional Development Day

Tuesday-Begin Chemistry of Life Unit-HS-LS 1-6


       Nature of Matter

        Properties of Water


Week of 10/2/17-10/6/17

Monday-Friday Chemistry of Life Unit HS-LS 1-6

Honors Biology Wednesday-Friday Properties of Water Lab & Discussion

Week of 10/9/17-10/13/17 Chemistry of Life HS-LS 1-6

Monday-Wednesday-Chemistry of Life -pH acids and bases notes and lab demo

    (Honors- Acid/Base problems)

Thursday-Review for Exam

Friday-Chemistry of Life Exam

Week of 10/16/17-10/17/17  (Fall Break 10/18-20/17)


Tuesday-PreACT all sophomores

Week of 10/22/17-10/26/17 HS-LS 1-6


Macromolecules/Carbon compounds

Chemical reactions and enzymes

WEEK OF 11/27/17-12/1/17


Monday- TedEd Photosynthesis video/Green Solar Cells Worksheet

Tuesday- Photosynthesis notes/diagrams to label

Wednesday- Photosynthesis  (light reactions)

Thursday- Photosynthesis notes/review game

Friday-Photosynthesis -Calvin Cycle