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Mr. Pierce’s World History 



1. Spiral Notebook with folder(s) to keep up with 2 semester’s worth of notes and handouts

2. Writing instrument and a #2 Pencil to take a Scantron Test 


I grade on a total points scale.  Notes and handouts are worth 1 point for each item written, quiz questions are worth 1 point each, and tests are worth 2 points per question.  To figure a percentage or letter grade for each assignment you can divide the number of points awarded by the total points it was worth (15/20 = 75% which is a C). Each class will have a basket to turn in all of their work.


You will be assessed over how well you retain the discussions we will have in class. I will give you the key terms you will need to know either through notes or handouts. We will test after each Chapter that we complete in class, or take a quiz over the covered topics listed below. For tests students will have about 70% of the test questions prior to each test written in their notes that they can take home to study. The other 30% of the questions will come from Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) usually as a map, chart, graph, cartoon, or exerpt to read and answer questions based on the Document. Tests will be taken on Scantron sheets and each question will be a multiple choice, true/false, or matching question. If a written response is required students will be notified prior and need paper on those test days. At the end of each Semester we will take a comprehensive test of the material covered in the notes for that Semester so students will need to KEEP NOTES and KEEP HANDOUTS.


If a student misses a class, he or she will need to notify me prior to or immediately after returning to get the work missed. If students miss only on a test day, they must make it up the first class period back after returning.  If they missed any day/days worth of notes for that test they will be given that many day/days to make it up before taking it. Participation points can’t be made up and will be excused not counting against them.





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