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Mr. Pierce’s World History 



1. Notebook or binder to keep up with a semester’s worth of notes

2. #2 Pencil to take a Scantron Test 


I grade on a total points scale.  Notes are worth 1 point for each item written, quiz questions are worth 1 point each, and tests are worth 2 points per question.  To figure a percentage or letter grade for each assignment you can divide the number of points awarded by the total points it was worth (15/20 = 75% which is a C). Each class will have a basket to turn in all of their work.


We will test after each Chapter that we complete in class, and students will have about 70% of the test questions prior to each test written in their notes that they can take home to study. The other 30% of the questions will come from Document Based Questions (DBQ’s) usually as a map, chart, graph, cartoon, or exerpt to read and answer questions based on the Document. Some of these will require prior general knowledge or some information we covered in class that is not in their notes. Tests will be taken on Scantron sheets so each question will be either a multiple choice, true/false, or matching question.  If a written response is required students will be notified prior and need paper on those test days. At the end of each Semester we will take a comprehensive test of the material covered in the notes for that Semester so students will need to KEEP NOTES.


If a student misses a class, he or she will need to notify me prior to or immediately after returning to get the work missed. If students miss only on a test day, they must make it up the first class period back after returning.  If they missed any day/days worth of notes for that test they will be given that many day/days to make it up before taking it. Participation points can’t be made up and will be excused not counting against them.





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