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Academic Team

What is Academic Team?

Academic Team is a club that contends in 4-on-4 trivia competitions against other schools. The trivia questions pull from all areas of content, including core curricula, extra curricular activities, pop culture, and everything in between. The program focuses on encouraging learning and applying knowledge acquired in school and everyday life. Like most sports, we have a varsity and junior varsity team, which allows more students to have play time.


Who Can Join?

The Byng High School Academic Team club is open to any interested 10th - 12th grade students that maintain passing grades. All students in the club must learn the rules of play and must be trained to correctly keep time and score in a competitive game. Due to the small team sizes, only a select number of students are able to attend the competitions; to be chosen to travel to our team competitions, a student must attend practice regularly, learn all the rules and strategies, show good sportsmanship, and actively strive to learn as much as possible.



Byng Academic Team is affiliated with the following organizations:

  • Oklahoma Secondary School Athletics Association (OSSAA): A state-wide organization that holds playoff tournaments for high school teams.
  • Heart of Oklahoma Conference: A group of area high schools that gather several times in the fall semester to compete against each other.


Contact the Coach

For questions or comments, please contact Mr. Isaacs at

HS Academic Team

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