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Japanese Foreign Exchange


Byng High School partners with Ada High School to provide a short-term exchange program with Ibaraki Christian High School in Hitachi, Ibaraki, Japan. Each year in March, ICHS brings students to Ada, who live with Ada families and go to school at Ada or Byng. Then, in the summer, our students have the opportunity to visit their school and to live with a Japanese family. The purpose of the exchange is to provide students the opportunity to experience a new culture firsthand in a real, immersive way.


Hosting and Shadowing

In March, each Japanese exchange student will live with a Byng student during their stay, who we call the “host student”. While at school, the Japanese students will go to class with a different student, which we call the “shadow student”. This system allows the Japanese students to make more friends. If you are intersted in hosting or shadowing, please contact Mr. Rob.


Going to Japan

In the summer, Byng students have the opportunity to be an exchange student in Japan for 2 weeks. They will live with an ICHS student, go to their school, and go on mutliple cultural trips. Costs are usually between $2000-3000, but change year-to-year. If you are interested, please start saving right now! Contact. Mr. Rob for details.



If you have any questions about the Japanese exchange program, please contact Mr. Rob at