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English III Syllabus

           Welcome to English III !!

Ms. White Room 15





General Information 

Course Overview: 

English III includes the study of American literature, and its relationship to American history.  Throughout the year students will also be given instruction in vocabulary, writing/revising/editing, public speaking, literary analysis, and communication. Students will also prepare for the ACT in the spring and mock interviews. Major assignments are as follows: research paper, resume and mock interview practice, argumentative essay, various class presentations/projects.


Works Covered: Could change throughout the year.

Various short stories, letters, speeches through the different literary periods in American Literature. 


The Scarlet Letter The Great Gatsby ACT Prep Resume and Interview Prep



Classwork/Participation- 20% Quizzes- 15% Tests-  15%

Essays- 25% Projects- 15% Semester Test- 10%


Materials Required:

Notebook with pockets or a binder with college ruled loose leaf paper


Library book or book from home



Grades are entered into Powerschool on a weekly basis. Major papers and projects are the exception to that as they tend to take much more time to grade. 



I will use the Remind app this year to upload assignments, PowerPoints, Word Documents, study guides, announcements, etc. Remind is a safe messaging app, and it allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate outside of class. I will be available 24/7 to answer questions, give feedback on assignments, etc. Remind is available as an app or through texting. If you prefer to use texting to receive all files and 

communicate, text 81010 and put in the message field the class code. Make sure to use the @ symbol. The class codes can be found below. If you prefer the Remind app, you can enter the class code as well. 


Class Codes: 1st Hour: @5e528 2nd Hour: @65e0e9 3rd Hour: @32d61

        6th Hour: @5d564 7th Hour: @def063


Important Information 

Late Work: 

Example: A student is at school on Monday when an assignment is given. If this said assignment is due on Wednesday, but then the student is absent Tuesday, the assignment is still due on Wednesday. The student will only receive extra time for an assignment if he or she was absent on the day it was assigned. 


Academic Honesty:

It is imperative that students realize not doing their own work only hurts them. Cheating in any form will result in a zero on that assignment. Continual plagiarism will result with parent contact. 



Byng High School is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Campus. Students are encouraged to bring any smart devices to campus as opportunities to use these devices in class may arise. In my class, I will always announce when that time will be. Some assignments might require students to use their phones to research or work on assignments. Sometimes, students will be allowed to listen to music while working on assignments. However, while I’m teaching, students will not be on their phones. They should be out of sight or lying face down on their desk/table. If a student is on his or her phone during class, the teacher has the right to take the phone. The first time a student’s phone is taken, he or she will get it back at the end of the day. The second time a student’s phone is taken, a parent or guardian will have to visit the office. If at any time a student refuses to hand his or her phone over to the teacher, he or she will be sent to the office. 


Mature Content:

Some materials we cover in class may contain mature content and deal with real world issues. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions! 


Understanding and Acknowledgement of Syllabus:

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