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Trotters’ History

     LogoThe Oklahoma Trotters of Byng have been around since 1971, having only 4 instructors. Jo Mann, the founder and creator of the Trotters, started the girls as a run off of the matchless Globe Trotters beginning each performance with “Sweet Georgia Brown”.

     The original Trotters were known as the Byng’s Tricky Trotters until Governor Hall of Oklahoma proclaimed them as the Ambassadors of Physical Education and gave them the famed and present day of the Oklahoma Trotters.

     Mrs. Mann was followed by Nancy Drum and then Mrs. Paula West. Mrs West continued this distinctive group in the tradition of using the double ball bouncing drills. She sponsored the Oklahoma Trotters for over 15 years. She is the mentor and teacher of the current coach Mrs Shanna Shaw-McNutt.

     Mrs. McNutt has been a part of the Oklahoma Trotters since 1996. She is a second generation Trotter and now has the privilege of coaching a program that is so dear to her heart. She guides and encourages her students to create their own innovative drills, which include two to nine ball tricks, dance routines along with basketball handling skills, and gymnastics combined with Trotters. She feels this helps her students to become self-confident young ladies who are not afraid to take on new challenges.

     Because of their unique presentations, they have always been in demand. In the past performances they have traveled to Washington, D.C., Arlington, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Fairs, Schools, Parades, Openings, Television, Channel 4, ECU, NAIA, OU, NBA Hornets, NBA Thunder, and their favorite Byng Oklahoma! Their performances can also teach lessons such as their Drug Awareness Program.

     Mrs. McNutt Jr. High through High School students practice five days a week and many extra hours are added for special events. The Trotters do have grade requirements and must maintain good grades.

     Mrs. McNutt encourages all students who are interested to try-out as she feels strongly that it’s not who you are but what you can be that is important. If you have any questions about the try-outs you can contact Mrs. McNutt at Byng Elementary.

     The Oklahoma Trotters are truly an exceptional group that has helped young ladies in their quest for life and have made it easy to see why they are Byng’s Pride!