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Grading Procedures

You earn your grades.  There is no “curving”.

Everything in class “counts.”

Assignments become homework if they are not completed in class.  These are due at the beginning of the next class meeting.

Late work will be accepted on a case by case basis only, however, the student will lose one letter grade per day the assignment is late.  The student must turn in the assignment for 0 points to be eligible for extra credit.

School policy allows the same number of days to make-up work as the number of days absent.  It is the student’s responsibility to approach the teacher about missed/assigned work.

Please make all handwriting legible.  

Grades are compiled according to the following standards:  Homework           15%

                                                                                      Class work           25%

                                                                                      Tests                   50%

                                                                                      Final Exam           10%

Extra credit is for students who complete all assigned work, but would like to raise their grade.  Extra credit will not be given to students who choose not to do the assigned work, and then later try to raise their grade.